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Human Resource Manager Support Services

Career Concepts recognizes the unique responsibilities and challenges facing human resource professionals in the modern workplace. It can, at times, be an overwhelming job, because most HR managers in Montana’s small business environment, are expected to wear a dozen different hats and handle many diverse yet inter-related functions. Our program is designed to help you where you need outsourced assistance the most (which will vary greatly from one manager to the next.) Our goal, as “Partners in Personnel”, is to dovetail with your existing systems, to make your work easier, more time efficient and effective - providing services that you design and define, based on your company’s unique demands, policies and corporate culture. Among the areas where we can help are:

(a) local recruitment and screening that reduces the candidates you interview to a manageable number of verifiably qualified individuals, while uncovering key people that traditional advertising misses.

(b) national and local search assignments (i.e., “headhunting”) to recruit specific, hard-to-find skill sets and experience levels for critical positions.

(c) temporary staffing to supplement your permanent workforce, provide trial employment periods, cover absences and work overloads and for other purposes.

(d) applicant behavioral/personality assessments, job modeling, candidate selection support and internal HR management tools provided through Professional Dyametric Programs (PDP.)

(e) employee policies and handbook development; legal counseling and assistance through our noted employment law specialist/associate.

(f) employee relations support and consulting, assisted by PDP’s integrated HR management programs, to include communications, team building and leadership development.

(g) executive coaching and employee training, including new employee orientations, sales and customer service training, management consulting, specialized workshops, and full or half-day seminars.

(h) Pre-interviewing and screening of your company’s employment applicant flow; reference and background checking; PDP surveys and profiling.

(i) Employee evaluations, promotions and compensation reviews; third party exit interviewing and outplacement services.


Business Consulting and Training Services

Career Concepts offers companies and organizations a wide range of seminar and training session options, personally conducted by company founder Roger Koopman. His most popular topics include:

Proven Techniques for Recruiting Top Candidates

Effective Candidate Screening and Evaluation

How to Triple Your Employee Retention Rates

A Short Course in Effective Employee Relations

Hiring Smart: Avoiding the Classic Hiring Mistakes

Dealing with Scarcity: Finding & Tapping the Hidden Labor Market

Finding Winners, Cultivating Winners, Retaining Winners

Motivations and Incentives: What Works, What Doesn’t

Productive Performance Reviews, Promotions and Reorganizations

Roger will design a workshop or seminar around your company’s specific needs. For other topical ideas, you may wish to review his published articles on our Resource Library page.

Career Concepts further expands our training and seminar options by contracting with professional associates and alliance partners who are outstanding specialists in their fields. Among their areas of expertise are: financial management, business financing and venture capital, marketing and public relations, employment law compliance, sales training and motivation, customer service, strategic and long range planning, market and product expansion, mergers and consolidations, profitability, branding, and all facets of human resource management.

Business consulting is provided by Roger Koopman, staff personnel and offsite alliance partners on an hourly, monthly or yearly contract basis.

First-Hire Systems

First-Hire assists newly opening businesses with the initial recruiting, screening, interviewing and background research phases of the pre-hire process, and makes available sophisticated candidate personality profiles, job modeling, applicant ranking and matching, and ongoing human resource support services. It is not uncommon for a new store, restaurant or other business to be confronted with hundreds or even thousands of applications for employment -- potentially a positive thing, but with a corresponding dilemma. How does a company efficiently screen and evaluate this many candidates to find the ideal matches? Rather than fully capitalize on this opportunity, many inundated employers just use the State Job Service as a buffer to intake and “process” these applicants. No serious or professional screening takes place, and the best candidates are often lost in the paper shuffle that follows. This can also have a negative impact on public relations and customer base. First-Hire solves this problem, and allows your company to capture the maximum benefit of a large applicant pool with a minimum of time and resources expended, while treating all job seekers with deference and respect. We’ll be happy to explain how our multi-phase system works, at a cost that will pleasantly surprise you!

PDP: Making All the Pieces Fit

Professional Dyametric Programs is a complete, integrated management system designed for selection, development and retention of high performing people. It is not only a powerful tool for recruiting and hiring, but also for every aspect of HR management, by promoting communication, team building, leadership, strategic personnel decisions, stress reduction, motivational enhancements and more, aligned with your company’s unique needs and corporate culture. While easy and quick to administer, the PDP statistical-based system is highly accurate and sophisticated, delivering the greatest amount of depth and widest scope of information available from any survey instrument on the market today. Developed over 28 years of continued research and field testing, PDP offers a broad range of unique, very practical reports and information, customized to each company’s profile and personnel demands.

Thankfully, PDP avoids the psychological mumbo-jumbo often present in other, more generic assessment systems that provide little in the way of practical assistance to today’s employers. When the “people pieces” of the organization fit, you transform your company into a powerhouse. PDP empowers you to do just that, beginning with the single most critical aspect of business success: personnel recruiting and retention. The challenge is not just to hire good people, but to hire good people whose personalities and behavioral traits make them excellent matches for the positions you are filling. That’s where most companies lose traction, efficiency and profit. Costly mismatches lead to lowered morale, reduced performance and momentum-sapping turnover. PDP is designed to achieve measurable, real-time results that are both qualitative and qualitative, including: clear, effective communication, high performance teams, healthy company morale, increased productivity, reduced turnover, increased sales and the attraction and retention of key people. Your company accesses the power of PDP every time you list a job opening with Career Concepts. PDP has become an integral part of our recruiting, screening and referral process, adding cutting edge capabilities to our professional placement services. Every job candidate who enters our door now completes a PDP ProScan assessment sheet. Career Concepts also uses PDP extensively in our business consulting services. Moreover, we can provide employers with PDP support independent of our own referrals process, so they can create their own candidate assessments, matching reports, etc. on individuals they have generated on themselves. The following are brief descriptions of the basic PDP modules.

Proscan: The Industry’s Most Versatile and Accurate Assessment Tool

ProScan is a non-threatening, easy and reliable tool that is one of the most advanced candidate assessment and employee management instruments available. The survey examines combinations of specific traits that affect how the person works most effectively and reacts under stress. ProScan focuses on strengths and motivators to help employers create an environment that reduces employee stress while improving energy and morale. By revealing an individual’s behavioral traits, work styles and employment compatibilities, ProScan links an employee’s natural strengths to company growth. Based of 7 key measurement areas and their unique interactions, the 18-page ProScan report produces a vast amount of highly useful information, including:

Dubbed “the metrics of individuality”, ProScan is not invasive and does not imply “good” or “bad” survey results. It is based on the understanding that each person is uniquely talented and has incredible worth. The challenge to employers and career seekers alike, is fitting the right person with the right position. With ProScan, those decisions suddenly become a whole lot easier.

JobScan: Job Modeling and Matching for Better Hires

JobScan defines a position in terms of behavioral dynamics most likely to succeed in the job, providing the solution for fitting people into their most productive positions. The key to this module’s effectiveness is the Job Model created by the hiring company itself through Job Dynamic Analysis surveys and individual ProScans of top performers in that position. The model then establishes job expectations and identifies the ideal characteristics for the position being filled. Each applicant is compared to the Job Model in a variety of behavioral areas, providing excellent guidelines for candidate evaluation and selection. Among the reports generated are:

The JobScan module not only provides invaluable screening data for successful job-applicant matches, but generates specific interview questions on each candidate, probing those critical areas identified by correlating the applicant’s ProScan to the Job Model. After the selection is made, JobScan even provides the employer with a Management Insight guide on the new employee. JobScan also is very applicable to the management of existing personnel. A company can do Job Models on any (or all) positions within their organization, ProScan the employees and determine if people are best fitted to the positions they now occupy, who should be considered for promotion, whose job descriptions should be modified, and so forth. The result: higher employee morale, increased performance and reduced turnover.

TeamScan: Building Your Organization From Within.

TeamScan provides high-impact, real-time information on the group dynamics in an entire organization or within a specific team, department or division. Through comparisons of ProScan data for the individuals in the group, TeamScan provides graphic composites of strengths, energy levels, point-of-view, communication and work styles. It helps reveal productivity and success components of particular teams and define corporate culture in concrete terms. TeamScan is designed with specific applications for both core teams and the entire organization. The Organizational Statistics section, for example, produces composite visuals depicting your predominant corporate culture. It is a highly effective tool for helping your company accurately analyze and understand:

Corporate culture doesn’t just happen. It comes from the top. True leaders create an environment that determines company direction. PDP can help you define your company’s culture and then develop a dynamic process that creates a vibrant, successful work environment. TeamScan can also illustrate and clarify:

Strat-Map Strategy Systems: Customized, Goal-Oriented Solutions

Strat-Map programs provide the answers to each strategic challenge an organization faces. A “Strat-Map” gives direction and a clear process to reach goals, revealing the powerful secrets of strong, effective leadership and the tools to achieve success. Some examples of what Strat-Map does:

Other Strat-Map applications now developed or in progress include CultureDynamics, HiringDynamics, LeadershipDynamics, PerformanceDynamics, SalesDynamics and ValuesDynamics.

The PDP Checklist: What are your priorities?

Does Career Concepts offer value-added benefit to your company through PDP? If any of the following priorities are important to you, then the answer is yes!

Let Career Concepts put the power of PDP to work for you!

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